Experience Design

Creating successful digital experiences is an art. It’s a result of considered design thinking.


We do Experience Design.


Simple and intuitive experiences are not easy to achieve so when it’s done successfully, we inspire advocacy. We believe in continually achieving simplicity, that converting prospects to users, and users to customers through elegant experiences will result in passionate and loyal customers for our clients.

For us, experience is more than UX. It’s brand, it’s content, it’s design and it’s technology. It’s any part of a digital solution that can affect a user’s experience with your brand. We create a holistic rainbow team of specialists and together they create a best of breed experience.


  • Consumer insight & User testing
  • Design
  • User Interface development
  • Database & CMS integration
  • Renovation & Optimisation
  • Measurement & Analytics

Consumer Insight & User Testing

Changing Perceptions

Studies have shown that 90% of error in thinking is due to error in perception. With the ever changing landscape of consumer perceptions, getting this right has never been more important. That’s why we pride ourselves in keeping informed of the latest digital trends and technology as well as our clients consumers likes, dislikes and online behaviour. To do this we are constantly evolving our services to fulfil the needs of our clients , be it flexible guerilla-style user testing, prototype user testing through to focus groups and stakeholder interviews or online questionnaires and social communities. These all help build the profiles of our customers and inform our UX strategy.



Everyone is capable of creativity

We believe nothing should be looked at in isolation and this is never truer than during the design process. Working as a cross-discipline team allows for bolder, more informed and focused ideas that keep the audience at the heart of everything we do. Our ideas and designs are always driven by meaningful insight , strategy, user experience and the technology we are designing for. Equally creativity should have no boundaries. We believe creativity is still one of the last legal means of driving unfair competitive advantage.

User Interface Development

Building interfaces with the user in mind

The ultimate task for any UI developer is to focus on the user first, creating a rich immersive interface that allows the user to achieve their goals. Our UI team work with a strict code of standards developed internally through combining industry thinking with our own experiences. Our design rationale lives on through the UI development, bringing intended interactions alive.


Measurement & Analytics

Stand up and be counted

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”Albert Einstein, Physicist.

We start by understanding what it is we’re measuring, and why. Digital has a footprint for every action and a wealth of accessible data. Removing those bits that aren’t important to your business or your strategy gives us focus on what is important. We remove the noise, and we isolate what truly matters. We present this in an intuitive analytics dashboard, with insights generated on a regular basis. We’ll use these to understand our next stream of activity.

Renovation & Optimisation

Not quite a 60-minute makeover

It’s always realistic to create a new solution from scratch. Sometimes there isn’t the time, or the budget. Sometimes the investment made to date can’t be written off. As part of creating new relationships, we’re happy to take ownership of an existing website or application. We will want to give it a healthcheck, and we’ll want to continue to improve it’s performance. We call this Renovation & Optimisation, and we find it’s often the small wins that can have the most effect on performance.

Database & CMS Integration

It’s all about the base

It is to us. Or at least it’s super important! We are passionate technologists at heart, making sure that, whilst being technology-agnostic, we are bringing the right solution to the table. Our technology choice will match your ambitions, will cater for your needs today with an eye on the future. It will adhere to any technology choices your business has already made, and seamlessly integrate. Our preferred CMS platforms are Epi, Sitecore and Umbraco but we’re able to work with others through our network of partners should this be required.


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